Abberton Pride Nancy D083

Abberton Pride Nancy D083
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Pride Nancy D083 is our donor cow, and an Abberton Pride Macbeth A016 daughter. She is our top cow both in size and structure. ALL females are retained in the herd. She is our show case cow. Embryo's have been collected by Ankonian elixir 100.

Abberton Pride Nancylu K243 with Pride Nancy D083
Abberton Pride Nancylu K243
with Pride Nancy D083



    Down Arrow  PGS:Nightingale Regent R27NIGHTINGALE REGENT R27 #RWZ.R27.17
  Down Arrow  Sire:Abberton Pride Macbeth A016ABBERTON PRIDE MACBETH A016 #UK302297 600016
    Up Arrow  PGD:Meadowvale Pride S2MEADOWVALE PRIDE S2 #MOR.S2.18
ABBERTON PRIDE NANCY D083 #UK302297 300083
    Down Arrow  MGS: ABBERTON DALLAS Y055 #UKWE067100055
  Up Arrow  Dam: ABBERTON PRIDE NAN B042 #UK302297 400042
    Up Arrow  MGD:Nightingale Pride Nan S35NIGHTINGALE PRIDE NAN S35 #RWZ.S35.18


Abberton Pride Narnia G162 ABBERTON PRIDE NARNIA G162
Abberton Pride Nancybrown K225Abberton Pride Nancybrown K225 ABBERTON PRIDE NANCYBROWN K225
Abberton Pride Nancylu K243Abberton Pride Nancylu K243 ABBERTON PRIDE NANCYLU K243