Abberton Ned J202

Abberton Ned J202
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Is an Ankonian Elixir 100 son out of pride nanny E093. he was selected to go to France to start a new herd near Toulouse. Ned j202 weighed 630kgs on his first birthday and had the disposition of a baby even enjoying bluetongue tb and bvd vaccinations while standing in his pen without restraint. He was in the top 1% for growth, 1% milk,1% carcase wt, 1% self replacing and 2.5% for terminal and hes even learning French.


    Down Arrow  PGS: ANKONIAN ELIXIR DB #12186639(US)
  Down Arrow  Sire:Ankonian Elixir 100ANKONIAN ELIXIR 100 [AI] (IMP) #12758219(US)23
    Up Arrow  PGD: ANKONY LASS 206T #11979216(US)
ABBERTON NED J202 #UK302297 300202
    Down Arrow  MGS:Young Dale Dudley 26MYOUNG DALE DUDLEY 26M [AI] (IMP) #1119482(CA)29
  Up Arrow  Dam:Abberton Pride Nanny E093ABBERTON PRIDE NANNY E093 #UK302297 600093