Abberton Pride Nan L261

Abberton Pride Nan L261
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PRIDE NAN L261 was our top heifer in 2011 and featured in our 2013 angus review advert. Born to Abberton Pride Nan F135,  our favourite cow in the herd. Her ebv TS & SR top 5%. Her full brother Abberton Patrol K233 was sold to Germany and had great muscle. Her full sister M277 looks set to follow. Her maternal sister Abberton Pride Nan J199 went to Ireland  and m277 full sister and say patrol is a full brother


Abberton Patrol K233
Abberton Patrol K233


Down Arrow  PGS:Young Dale Hogan 3YYOUNG DALE HOGAN 3Y (IMP) #679078(CA)16

Down Arrow  Sire:Abberton Dazzle G160ABBERTON DAZZLE G160 #UK302297 300160

Up Arrow  PGD: ABBERTON DUCHESS LULU E112 #UK302297 400112
ABBERTON PRIDE NAN L261 #UK302297 600261

Down Arrow  MGS:Young Dale Dudley 26MYOUNG DALE DUDLEY 26M (AI) (IMP) #1119482(CA)29

Up Arrow  Dam:Abberton Pride Nan F135 with Patrol K233ABBERTON PRIDE NAN F135 #UK302297 600135

Up Arrow  MGD:Nightingale Pride Nan S35NIGHTINGALE PRIDE NAN S35 #RWZ.S35.18