Abberton Mr. Bionic G141

Abberton Mr. Bionic G141
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Mr. Bionic G141 is sired by Young Dale Dudley 26M, his dam is Miss Burgess 64 a full sister to Marshall beau 84. Marshall was bought in Perthhaving won res.junior champion by the Wedderlie herd and Bionic was chosen to join him when he was 11 mths old where, he still is today.


    Down Arrow  PGS: YDK STRETCH 006K #1032553(CA)
  Down Arrow  Sire:Young Dale Dudley 26MYOUNG DALE DUDLEY 26M [AI] (IMP) #1119482(CA)29
    Up Arrow  PGD: YOUNG DALE GRACE 018H #926985(CA)
ABBERTON MR BIONIC G141 #UK302297 500141
    Down Arrow  MGS:Abberton Pride Macbeth A016ABBERTON PRIDE MACBETH A016 #UK302297 600016
  Up Arrow  Dam:Abberton Miss Burgess C064ABBERTON MISS BURGESS C064 #UK302297 500064
    Up Arrow  MGD:Stoddard Mary Belle A001STODDARD MARY BELLE A001 #UK302377 600001


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